Unusual Candles
Smelling Beyond the Roses
Search for Goop’s “vagina candle” reached an all-time high in January.
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Home Theater
Coming Soon (To Your Couch)
In 2021, search interest for “home theater store near me” rose 700%.
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A Controversial Favorite
Search interest for “pink crocs” and “lilac crocs” peaked in 2021.
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Drop the Skincare Routine
Search interest for “skincare routine” spiked in January 2021.
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Jennifer Coolidge sits inside a barn filled with plants. She is playing a harp while wearing red velvet dress, her blonde hair flowing in gentle waves to the ground.
Herding Sheep, Don’t Text
In 2021, search interest for “cottagecore things” is up 1,350%.
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Men's Grooming
Our Bathrooms Are Now Barbershops
In 2021, search interest for “best manscaping groomer” rose 250%.
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Everything In its Right Place
In January, search interest for “pantry organizer” reached an all-time high.
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Gotta Have My Java
Search interest for “coffee” has been steadily increasing since 2004.
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How Skateboarding Conquered the Olympics
During the week of July 26, “skateboarding” was the most searched new Olympic sport.
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The Thrill of Unboxing Videos
Over the past 12 months, YouTube videos with “unboxing” in the title were viewed over 20 billion times.
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Soft Things
Soften the World for Me
Google search interest for “soft” reached an all-time high in July.
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We Want That Cake, Cake, Cake
Search interest for “baking” and “cake” spiked throughout 2021.
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What Your Plants Say About You
In May, search interest for “plant store near me” reached an all-time high.
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Workout At Home
Bretman Rock sits at an exercise bench in a garage, holding weights in each hand. His chest is exposed, his yellow and black striped lycra shorts are visible.
Pulling Up At Home with Bretman Rock
Search interest for “low impact workout at home” is up 250% in 2021
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