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Allied Bird Bath/Water Wiggler Combination
July 26, 2017
The online catalog advertised a Allied Bird Bath /Water Wiggler combination. This is what I purchased. This was not what I received. I re...
Shiela J. · Review provided by maxwarehouse.com
Wouldn't buy one again.
July 10, 2019
It seems pricey ($25) to me for what it does. My birdbath is no cleaner than it was without it and I have noticed that there aren't as ma...
deluur0 · Review provided by ebay.com
water wiggler
October 11, 2012
Hmmm....It's kind of big so it takes up a lot of the space in the bird bath. And the birds have not used the bb since I put it in there.....
· Review provided by wayfair.ca
Excited and disappointed
June 09, 2008
I ordered this product with hopes of attracting more birds to my birdbath. After setting up the water wiggler - instead of more birds, I ...
Sugie · Review provided by Hayneedle
Birds are actually scared of it !!!
August 30, 2009
I have had my water wiggler in the birdbath for 2 weeks now and haven't had one single bird to come to the bath. The squirrels won't even...
GMA · Review provided by Hayneedle
Didn't even last one month
August 20, 2009
I was happy, at first with the performance, but the birds were afraid of it and after 3 weeks it quit working. I tried new batteries, but...
disappointed in Prescott · Review provided by Hayneedle
Scare Crow
December 12, 2008
Within a day most of the small birds would not approach the water bath.
Tea Time Lady · Review provided by Hayneedle
My birds don't like it!
June 02, 2012
The birds in my area won't use my bird bath with the wiggler in it.
Jill · Review provided by Hayneedle
2nd thoughts
September 12, 2009
Poor design and/or product needs better quality control.
Bird Feeder · Review provided by Hayneedle
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