4,877 reviews
June 23, 2022
I love this game! It is such a classic game. There are easy courses and very difficult courses. You can play by yourself or you can play ...
olivia.d · Review provided by influenster.com
One of My Better Recent Investments
December 08, 2015
I had been looking at the 2DS and 3DS for quite some time, but hadn't convinced myself to buy either. I'm not a "3D" sort of person (I ge...
Anon · Review provided by Target
4 stars: great communication and
January 10, 2023
4 stars: great communication and up to date on package Loss of 1 star: Though I do like the stuff you offer. I belive the prices are bit ...
Dakota L. · Review provided by dkoldies.com
good alternative to 3ds system
March 09, 2016
We got the the 2ds instead of the 3ds because of the price difference. The 2'ds is much cheaper then the 3ds. The 2ds is basically the sa...
lindsey4488 · Review provided by viewpoints.com
October 07, 2018
Nintendo is amazing when it comes to portables. You pop in the game and just start playing from anywhere. The 3ds is fast, simple and ful...
miguel.m · Review provided by influenster.com
April 04, 2020
Great video game bundle. Can't go wrong with Pokemon Y. Does everything a 3DS would do, except for the 3D graphics, duh. Aside from that,...
elene.p · Review provided by influenster.com
Excellent choice for a younger video game player
January 06, 2014
My wife and I purchased this 2ds as a first gaming system for our son. The only problem we are having with it is getting him to put it do...
Philip81 · Review provided by walmart.com
The 2DS, great and definitely geared for kids
December 18, 2013
There are 3 particular aspects of the 2DS that make it best suited for kids: 1:) No Hinge 2:) 2D display (no 3D capabilities) 3:) $130 pr...
Tahrbow · Review provided by walmart.com
Luke's review of Nintendo 2DS Blue/Black + Mario Kart 7
November 05, 2016
Overall, it's a great product if you just want a product to simply play games. If you are the sort of person though who wants a robust, m...
Luke · Review provided by store.nintendo.co.uk
May 13, 2016
As a video game enthusiast and collector, I have to say the Nintendo 2ds is an amazing console with a massive selection of games to choos...
mark.f · Review provided by influenster.com
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