493 reviews
Doesn’t last long
November 26, 2021
Only have had this laptop for a year. Was great. Used strictly for schoolwork and now I can’t even use it. It won’t stay connected to the...
Angela · Review provided by walmart.com
March 23, 2021
I recently purchased this Lenova Chromebook C340-11. I read the reviews, I think I spend a great deal of time researching items before I ...
Phyl19 · Review provided by walmart.com
Not worth the money
September 29, 2021
Not worthy your money . My daughter had it only for 2 months screen went black. She used it for school work. Customer service a Lenovo is...
shikita deruise · Review provided by Google
Did not work as advertised
October 27, 2021
Looks nice and is small and lightweight. I got this home and it would not let me sign in. I had to use it as a guest. I tried to contact ...
Phillip · Review provided by walmart.com
Cheap Product
September 03, 2020
The overall appearance was fine. It was a nice size for my daughter but the performance was awful. The built in mouse pad would not work ...
Kim · Review provided by walmart.com
Broke 3 month after warranty ends
December 17, 2021
Would have been 5 stars if it didn't fail in about 1 year 3 months . Screen glitch and freeze randomly, especially if the Chromebook is b...
Yang · Review provided by walmart.com
October 27, 2021
Crashed after 3 weeks and was completely unaccessible. Web site and help lines were completely useless. Do not buy! I will not be purcha...
joe hernandez · Review provided by Google
November 24, 2020
This Chromebook truly sucks I can't do anything at all! I hope nobody will bye it because it is a worthless piece of junk. Walmart really...
James · Review provided by walmart.com
August 08, 2022
Worst computer ever. I will never buy any LENOVO OR CHROMEBOOK PRODUCTS again!!! Keyboard stopped working after 2 months of usage
Nyasha · Review provided by walmart.com
Liked Chrome! Hardware Not So much
October 17, 2021
liked the speed! Laptop wouldnt turn on when it took one tumble off my bed.
Groot · Review provided by walmart.com
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