689 reviews
November 12, 2022
Don’t EVER purchase a Walmart gift card. I spent money every paycheck prior to having my baby to have separate money for “baby items” tha...
Kaylee Curran · Review provided by Google
March 12, 2022
It's really terrible that you buy these gift cards from Walmart and then you can never get a live person to talk with when something's go...
Dre A · Review provided by Google
Dont buy !!!!
June 06, 2022
Dont buy walmart gift cards. I bought 2 for Mother's Day one for my mom and another for my grandmother. My grandmother went to use the gi...
lakeisha C · Review provided by Google
November 17, 2022
Do NOT buy walmart gift cards unless you want walmart to take your money and then not care when their cards are compromised. I bought 3 $...
Anonymous · Review provided by walmart.com
Messed Up System with Gift Cards
January 05, 2023
I bought this as a gift for someone. They sent the gift email notification to the recipient but they sent the gift card to me. She tried ...
patricia · Review provided by walmart.com
I’m not sure what happened…
January 22, 2023
But our birthday gift for our daughter isn’t here for her birthday. We ordered well in advance and it showed movement through FedEx track...
MimiPB · Review provided by walmart.com
November 29, 2022
I thought the gift card would have stickers on it, but there were no stickers. It was just a regular gift card. Bought them for my grandd...
Kerry · Review provided by walmart.com
Waste of Time
October 12, 2020
Activation problems. Get the cards. Go online to activate. Call customer service to (1)confirm activated (because of activation issues on...
carol · Review provided by walmart.com
March 14, 2023
I had this card sent to a family members address as a gift. I paid $25.00 to be out into the card! Today I was notified by family member ...
Felicia · Review provided by walmart.com
Never Again!
February 26, 2023
I sent this gift card to my mother for her birthday. Walmart online shipped it directly to her. When she tried to use it in her local sto...
HappySnapper1967 · Review provided by walmart.com
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