Grear fit, flawed features
May 25, 2022
The design is the perfect fit for my ears. Comfortable and sit tight even for runs. The sound is clear and noice cancelling stellar. Gone...
Dreamforger · Review provided by
Poor Connectivity
May 08, 2022
I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I was initially very happy with it. It has an amazing screen and easy setup. However, I was quick...
Bruce · Review provided by
You've been bamboozled
September 09, 2022
Cool tablet it's nice it's sleek no complaints about the function so far in the past few hours I've had it thus far, BUT ! .. this tablet...
RvetL · Review provided by
Bad Tablet
September 29, 2022
I got a Samsung Galaxy s7 FE Tablet. I liked it pretty well at first but the sound was awful. It would be ok but then drop into a horribl...
Downhearted s7 FE · Review provided by
Okay! But not worth the price tag
March 04, 2021
Got these free with the Samsung s21 promotion so can't complain too much but I wanted to leave a review for people looking at spending th...
Samsung Enthusiast · Review provided by
Money doesn't equal Quality
October 15, 2020
Too long; didn't read at the bottom! First off, I just got them today so while there's a chance that this review might change I doubt it ...
Meliah · Review provided by
Not too great
June 28, 2021
I got these earphones for free (thank god) as I would have hated to spend $199 on them to be so disappointed. I have used these earphones...
Heybud · Review provided by
Very uncomfortable
December 19, 2021
I bought this at London drugs a week or so ago and were very confused. I did not know much about the product, do I did not know that the ...
Seamax27 · Review provided by
Does not fit for small ears
February 11, 2022
I'm so dissatisfied about how not only Samsung, but all the brands are marketing these in-ears buds as universal when they clearly are no...
Sore ears · Review provided by
Great tablet, weaker screen
September 01, 2021
I like the design and software of the tablet, but the quality of the screen was disappointing. Just over thirty days after I bought it, a...
Sean G · Review provided by
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