May 18, 2022
The only way to set the tablet up is a two step process and if you don't have a cell phone you will have severe problems which Samsung ca...
aaaa · Review provided by
Very Disappointing
November 10, 2020
I bought these to work with my Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy S9 thinking they would all work together. They do connect seamlessly, sound qual...
· Review provided by
Screen cracked and corroded port
May 04, 2022
I have my bed and box spring currently on the floor. The height is approx 2 feet. Two weeks ago, the phone fell off in the middle of the ...
Sad and broke · Review provided by
A phone that uninspired me to get another samsung
May 08, 2022
Truly awful phone, battery is poor if you like to use your camera and stream music you'll be lucky to get a full day out of it. The camer...
Saunders · Review provided by
It couldn't get any worse
October 13, 2021
I've bought one of the most expensive phones from Samsung and had the worst service, SAMSUNG SUCK!!!! please think carefully before buyin...
Unhappy Paul · Review provided by
Poor Reliability and fit
September 07, 2020
Having had issues with the silicon tipped in the past when i saw the design of the Buds Live i was really pleased with a more open design...
Stu2020 · Review provided by
Poor sound, poor fit, poor product
March 28, 2022
After seven months, these are totally unusable. One squeals when used, the other runs at full volume. Very uncomfortable. They slip out ...
Talos63 · Review provided by
Poor ease of use
July 08, 2021
Coming from the Note9 the S21 ultra 5g has a lot to beat but hey we are some 4 years on so the S21 ultra's going to be a monster yes? sad...
Fredintheshed · Review provided by
NO Internet connection - poor functionality
June 27, 2022
I accidentally bought this not realising the difference between a WiFi tablet and a 5G tablet. WARNING: this WiFi tablet does NOT CONNECT...
Dissatisfied Customer 3 · Review provided by
Thought updates would fix it
September 16, 2021
Face unlock only works 10% of the time. Retrained it many times. Fingerprint unlock only works 10% of the time and not at all on my righ...
Clunge · Review provided by
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