16 reviews
May 06, 2021
My PC was taking an inordinate time to start up and then to run software. Was at the point of upgrading the machine, but saw a few review...
Steve · Review provided by dell.com
Dell should not sell low memory equipment.
February 20, 2020
Following 3 months struggle with my new Inspiron 3470, finally Pratteek Nayak of the Dell Advance Resolution Group diagnosed the problem ...
SamC · Review provided by dell.com
No Longer MAX'ing out memory Usage
November 22, 2019
New PC I bought came with only 4GB of RAM. Performance was OK...but went sluggish when I needed to open and run multiple Apps. simultaneo...
Gary in NH · Review provided by dell.com
Original 4 GB was not enough
January 20, 2020
With the software loaded on my new Dell Inspiron the base 4GB RAM was not enough. The Task Manager indicated the memory usage was typical...
Jeff V · Review provided by dell.com
Access to slot.
January 25, 2020
had to remove the hard drive/optical drive assembly to access the slot. After that it was cake. Ran great immediately. Huge difference in...
STFG · Review provided by dell.com
New Dell Computer
April 02, 2020
I'm not technically competent in IT. But, I can say I'm extremely satisfied with my new Dell computer. It's fast, and performs as expected.
· Review provided by dell.com
good memory
December 06, 2022
memory is great, but not enough to help my 6 yo XPS. it did help some though.
bcous · Review provided by dell.com
Perfect DIMM for RAM expansion
February 21, 2020
DIMM part was exactly as described, installed easily and worked as expected, no problems.
Mike HL · Review provided by dell.com
February 02, 2021
By adding an additional 4 GB of RAM, it turned my painfully slow computer into a fast one.
Anonymous · Review provided by dell.com
Got what I ordered and it works fine
January 26, 2020
I received a Kingston 4gb ddr4 udimm 2400mhz ram stick and it works well so far
Alex B · Review provided by dell.com
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