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Randomly drops all mobile data connections
June 22, 2022
I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has had this issue. I've encountered other S21 owners who have also had this issue. ...
D. Lewis Champie · Review provided by Google
LG did it better...
July 08, 2021
I've used LG phones for years and enjoyed a lot of the features that were (for quite some time) exclusive to that brand. The "knock to op...
Josh Anderson · Review provided by Google
S21FE - Disappointing
July 07, 2022
Overall very poor performance, no where near as good as my old S10. Wireless transfer from old phone missed several apps and data. USB ...
Delboy · Review provided by samsung.com
A giant step in the wrong direction
August 21, 2021
I have always been a big Samsung fan. My last six phones have been Samsungs. However, in my opinion, the S21+ 5G is a big step in the wro...
Harry Stone · Review provided by Google
I miss my Samsung S9
May 21, 2021
I buy Samsung for the water resistance. Here is my question why don't you guarantee your phones against water intrusion and of course eac...
DOCHAL · Review provided by binglee.com.au
The telephone works
June 07, 2021
I saw a lot of battery problems listed as well as overheating. That is not my problem. My problem is that it is slow. For example, I pin ...
Joyce mann · Review provided by Google
I swear Samsung releases updates to slow your phone and make it use the battery faster to push you to buy the newest phone
November 23, 2021
The phone (Samsung S21+ 5g) had been great and super fast until the last update. Now it uses the battery faster and it charges noticeably...
Nik · Review provided by Google
Samsung S21 Ultra - great camera, awful phone.
June 08, 2021
I bought this phone for its camera and in that respect I am happy; however, I have never had a phone with a worse Android setup and I hav...
Ashley B · Review provided by binglee.com.au
Idk where these ratings come from? This phone is HORRIBLE!
September 11, 2021
I got my Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 10 days ago. I wanted a killer camera with lots of storage. Well, it does have that. The rest of this ph...
Tara Capps · Review provided by Google
Bad choice
September 05, 2021
I had to upgrade my phone because the battery wouldn't stay charged. Read good reviews about the Galaxy S21. Well I like the screen si...
Aurelia Smith · Review provided by Google
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