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Love our new Fountain!
February 18, 2022
We finally got our fountain installed at our new office and love it! If you get the real slate, it is HEAVY! so make sure you have proper...
Lisa Z · Review provided by adagiowaterfeatures.com
January 19, 2022
I received my order a little bit late but in perfect condition. I love how this one looks so much better than in the picture. It is refre...
William F. · Review provided by morealis.co
January 30, 2022
This wonderfully made fountain brought more life to my living room area. So much better than the old boring decors that used to be on the...
Ivy B. · Review provided by morealis.co
January 19, 2022
This fountain adds a great deal to my living room full of greens and flowers. I love how it made my place more alive. So far I am satisfi...
Christina M. · Review provided by morealis.co
January 30, 2022
This fountain was bought to replace one that was over ten years old. It fits in the front border like it was made for the space. You cann...
Avis C. · Review provided by morealis.co
January 30, 2022
I purchased this for our massage clinic and I can say, it's really worth it. The sparkling water and calming sound of waterfalls are real...
Reese W. · Review provided by morealis.co
November 17, 2021
This water feature looks great in my patio. Stones look great. I gave it 4 stars because the product should have a cable management syste...
Keith H · Review provided by adagiowaterfeatures.com
Beautiful but time consuming to put up
April 27, 2022
Beautiful once assembled- in so many pieces it took 2 days to have put together(we had new electric run so no cords showing). Don’t plan ...
Philip · Review provided by lampsplus.com
April 12, 2021
We are very happy with the product. It is the perfect statement piece we had been looking for. Also, the instructions for installation we...
Robert T · Review provided by adagiowaterfeatures.com
Your Elegance !
July 09, 2022
Absolutely beautiful. Your elegance in design is complete with this work of art !
Lynn · Review provided by lampsplus.com
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