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Somewhat mediocre laptop
September 06, 2022
There are a few issues with this computer that would stop me from recommending it to anyone: 1. It turns out 8 GB RAM is not really enou...
EJensen · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Yoga 7i was not up to my standards!
June 19, 2022
I purchased this laptop via Lenovo.com. It was a solid, well-made laptop, fast processor, backlit keyboard, nice to the touch but the 300...
Italia47 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Overpriced for what it is
February 15, 2022
In short, this is a decent computer, but I feel like most people would be just as happy with a lower price model. There is nothing outsta...
Lisa · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Regretting this purchase
December 15, 2021
I was so excited to own a Yoga after my experience with one of these sleek, smooth running machines in the past. I find myself very confl...
McKxx · Review provided by lenovo.com
Not what I hoped
November 02, 2021
This is by no means a BAD laptop, but it didn’t exactly stand out to me in a good way either. I bought it online after reading a lot of p...
Aminevoo · Review provided by lenovo.com
Good quality with too little RAM
November 03, 2021
Great laptop for 600 bucks. The quality of this laptop is what I would describe as physically pleasing and functionally inert. Pros : ...
kolliochio · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Pros and too many cons on the new Yoga 7
March 05, 2022
Great laptop 2n1. I'm on my 2nd one in 4 years due to needed Windows 11 and laptop lenovo 1 didn't have capacity for >free upgrade< so I ...
End User · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great laptop held back by really poor wifi
January 16, 2021
Got the i7/16GB/512GB from Lenovo.com before any reviews were up and I'm writing this review after using it for 6 weeks. Build quality is...
nwaves · Review provided by lenovo.com
Off-center track pad is off-putting.
May 28, 2022
I bought this Lenovo based on good experience with my previous laptop. This model has a full keyboard, with a number pad, but the track p...
Rushedpurchase · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Almost a great laptop
January 14, 2021
I bought this laptop because it suited all my requires as a student: powerful, lightweight, long battery life, 2 in 1 design, pen support...
matthewCompsci · Review provided by lenovo.com
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