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It's cons don't outweigh the pros
February 25, 2022
First things first, the main reason I got this phone was because it flipped open. It's still really cool after having it for a couple of ...
NajK · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Potential!
February 16, 2022
I took a gamble and ended up getting a Galaxy Z Fold 3 because essentially at the time of upgrade there was no new Note to purchase. It (...
CeCe M · Review provided by samsung.com
Disappointed in durability. Requesting replacement
December 24, 2021
Samsung has always been my favorite cellular manufacturer. As far as phone functionality and design, it remains an A plus for me. Normall...
Kiera · Review provided by samsung.com
I'm enjoying the phone, in spite of the issues.
February 12, 2022
I went from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the Z Flip 3, and aside from everyone else in the family being on iPhones and losing that connection...
Bluepig · Review provided by samsung.com
Zflip3 The statement phone
November 07, 2021
In my honest opinion z Flip 3 is a huge improvement from the original Z flip, however it is still lacking in many ways. The design is bea...
Kilala · Review provided by samsung.com
It's okay. Not terrible but many flaws
March 20, 2022
I had my fold 3 for 5 months and although it seems wastful, I've already upgraded to the 22 ultra for the following reasons: 1 - The alar...
Toya · Review provided by samsung.com
Great phone but short lived
August 09, 2022
When this phone is new, it is a great phone to have. The flip is satisfying, love how compact it makes the phone, and is just very fun to...
ExcitedButDisappointed · Review provided by samsung.com
Love the idea but wish I kept my Note 9
November 02, 2021
I have only had this phone for 2 months. I purchased the phone so i could have a bigger screen to read since I am in school. The folded s...
Disappointed · Review provided by samsung.com
A great product hindered by its flaws
August 11, 2022
I would love to give this product a higher rating as when it does work well, the experience compares to none other. However, after owning...
Moises C · Review provided by samsung.com
1.2 times the galaxy note phone
September 09, 2022
I am a long time note user all way from note 8 to note 10 plus. So my 3 years old contract ended and I decided to upgrade. Unfortunately ...
Josephs09090 · Review provided by samsung.com
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