812 reviews
November 13, 2022
After 5 months of use: tldr: it's pretty but bad - buy something else. Big issue around the lack of a webcam shield, this wouldn't be so...
Jon · Review provided by cyberpowersystem.co.uk
February 26, 2023
I made the mistake of purchasing another MSi after the disaster that was the last one. This laptop is awful. The only SSD is 512GB, neces...
Steph · Review provided by mwave.com.au
May 08, 2023
I bought this for my husband. He's decent with computers, he won't be building one from scratch anytime soon but he knows how to do the m...
nicole · Review provided by walmart.com
Absolute junk
January 05, 2023
Had this laptop for 1 year 3 months. Literally just after the 1 year warranty, 3 keyboard buttons are failing, have to jam them to get th...
spn1025 · Review provided by walmart.com
Serious gamers on a budget, avoid like the plague
October 15, 2022
Bought this 2 months ago, it was a horribly misleading purchase, and not worth the price. Battery barely lasts 2 hours, which kills it as...
Robert · Review provided by walmart.com
Wouldn't take password
June 30, 2022
Worked fine for 18 days and then after turning it on one evening and attempting to sign in with my password, I found that it wouldn't tak...
Gary · Review provided by walmart.com
Never buy this
March 08, 2023
Computer battery capabilities are bad, even when you have it on the charger you can not be on it otherwise it will not charge. Plus, when...
Cody · Review provided by fingerhut.com
dispointing thinking this is the best gaming lapto
June 19, 2022
I just open this laptop for my son after 7 months did not open it because my son has bad habit of playing game nonstop this laptop, reset...
ANDREAS · Review provided by walmart.com
In short it sucks
January 30, 2023
Do not buy this laptop! These laptops have unreparable drivers that are outdated, they crash on every game I play, it always displays a d...
Frank · Review provided by walmart.com
Didnt last long
June 04, 2022
Started off great ran just about any game i wanted to run. Only had it for maybe 7 months before i started having problems something happ...
Chris · Review provided by walmart.com
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