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Apparently, this happens quite a bit with Target
September 29, 2021
My mother bought the Friend's "complete series", paid the $70.00 and watched the DVDs. Tonight she told me she didn't know that Friends o...
Very Disappointed · Review provided by Target
May 19, 2022
Love the show. picture was fuzzy and then a green screen would come up. Thn picture came back and then gree screen sound was ok the whole...
Lis · Review provided by walmart.com
Broken disc
October 21, 2021
I am so disappointed. The disc holder came damaged, which I ignored…finally on disc 15 and it won’t even play. There has been a couple of...
atay7 · Review provided by Target
Missing content
May 05, 2022
Disk 2 does not work. First time watching it. No visible scratches. Season three disk 2 isn’t even included.
Kw · Review provided by walmart.com
quality of disc 3 season 10 sucks.
September 22, 2021
I'm on the final disc of season 10. The episode titled Rachel's going away party doesn't play. It keeps skipping and pausing. I've been t...
disappointed · Review provided by Target
Disc Skips & Damage
April 01, 2022
I bought this for my dad for his birthday, but some of the discs skip (like all of the reviews say). It's disappointing as this was a gif...
Aly · Review provided by Target
Do not buy this
February 12, 2020
Very poor cheap quality. The case the discs came in were shattered throughout and is held together with tape, yes by design the booklet s...
outliftin · Review provided by ebay.com
Check Before You Buy!!
September 24, 2021
Super disappointed! I got it as a gift and when I got home I realized it doesn’t have season 1-5. Really hoping I can exchange it for one...
Elena V · Review provided by Target
Box Ruined
June 12, 2020
I love friends so much I watch reruns...so I decided to buy the collection. However when I got it in the mail....it looked like it was da...
Mari · Review provided by Best Buy
Very disappointed
December 20, 2021
Just got to season 8 disc 3. And can't watch last 2 episodes on disc because it has a Crack in it. Very disappointed.
Stella · Review provided by walmart.com
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