Product from hell
October 19, 2022
For the people that reading this pray for me because while I’m writing this I’m in a battle between life and death inside my bathroom. Le...
Ludovic Pierre · Review provided by Google
Ehh....idk ..
July 29, 2022
Initially, it lifted my mood and I thought it was about to make me feel great. Had a sense of well-being, started a few phone calls and p...
Jeremy Ryder · Review provided by Google
July 14, 2022
When I first tried this product I really liked it. It has a great flavour and is easy to drink. You could also feel the boost of energy w...
shikha.s · Review provided by
Bad taste, okay effect
October 15, 2021
Alright so normally I'm a big artificial flavors guy (I'm obese you see). But the ultra frost flavor is just not good. It tastes like som...
Tim · Review provided by
May 03, 2023
This used to be my pre workout drink go to but I have to warn you it can cause elevated heart rate and jitters. It also used to make me f...
adrienne .w · Review provided by
Not what I expected
March 19, 2019
I felt good the first week of taking this supplement. It does make you feel tingly and sweat like crazy; however, after the first week of...
snickerpug · Review provided by
May 12, 2020
It is a great pre-workout because it has little caffeine and several other ingredients to stimulate energy. One of the problems is that i...
mia.c · Review provided by
June 14, 2022
This was the first “true� preworkout I tried (containing beta-alanine) and it took me a long time to adjust. I don’t mind that ingr...
kate.k · Review provided by
July 28, 2022
I love the taste of the C4. And after you drink it, it gives you tingles to let you know it’s working. But the energy is short lived. It’...
jacqueline.b · Review provided by
November 17, 2022
This preworkout is good if your looking for something more affordable. I really like the blue razz flavor. I usually dry scoop it. It doe...
kristen.m · Review provided by
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