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"Durable" Samsung A51 Screen Protector
March 05, 2021
There are so many " " claims on this box I had to knock a star. The word to focus in on is "resistant" and that is what you will get. Wri...
Kyra3137 · Review provided by walmart.com
Better fit than cheaper brands
December 13, 2020
I bought this today and was able to put it on in ~ 15 minutes...took time to clean and line it up perfectly. It covers the screen just fi...
TriniVA · Review provided by walmart.com
It's see thru!!
February 15, 2021
The screen protector is pretty nice. The only thing is that I had a little bit of trouble putting it on my phone. After I wiped my screen...
Tilly2 · Review provided by walmart.com
February 24, 2021
I'll be looking to replace this soon, I am guessing. Though it's made for an A51, it still fits a bit small on mine , so there's a sharp ...
dln · Review provided by walmart.com
Screen Protection
February 18, 2021
This is a very easy and sturdy screen protector. It was easy to place on the phone and sticks on quite well, just make sure it is cleaned...
Elena1 · Review provided by walmart.com
Very good
February 15, 2021
The thickness of the screen protector is perfect in my opinion, it's slightly flexible which makes for easier application. I do feel that...
Jmom794 · Review provided by walmart.com
Scratch resistant!!!
March 02, 2021
It was super easy to put on. It came with everything I needed to clean my screen. Easy instructions I followed the directions and it's on...
Butterfly201610 · Review provided by walmart.com
Clear glass, perfect fit
November 28, 2020
Simple to install on the A51. I was lucky to get it perfectly aligned, and there is only one piece in the package, so be steady. It came ...
30daydeadbattery · Review provided by walmart.com
Must try
February 18, 2021
The WriteRight Duraglass Tempered Glass Screen Protector fit my Samsung Galaxy A51 perfectly. The guide taps made it easier to apply the ...
SuzyQ7 · Review provided by walmart.com
Okay Screen Protector
March 03, 2021
I tried the WR Glass Screen Protection for Samsung A51 LTE. I did have slight issues getting it even on my phone screen when applying it....
smml24 · Review provided by walmart.com
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