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Best small solar fountain I've found
June 20, 2021
I tried the little round solar fountain that is advertised everywhere and it was terrible. Bought this to try it and this one is amazing!...
Tanya · Review provided by walmart.com
No Sun No work
July 14, 2021
The water fall doesn't look like the photo, and in a pond is was difficult to find a way to attach it. So I placed it inside of a plastic...
Annie · Review provided by walmart.com
Waste of money
June 21, 2021
I was a little shocked at how small it is. It wouldn't be bad if it ran. But the sun has to be hitting the solar panel for it to work. Th...
Tammy · Review provided by walmart.com
Cant use it for pond, not totally submersible.
August 18, 2020
Its ok but very small! I bought it for our small pond but might be buying something else. Though small we like it, but trying to find a p...
pinenoelfarm · Review provided by walmart.com
A quality product for the price.
July 20, 2021
Comes with several different nozzles for different spray patterns. I used only a small plain nozzle and it bubbles up nicely without spil...
Violet · Review provided by walmart.com
Not Worth It
September 03, 2021
it seriously spits. the solar panel is junk. wasn't put together very well. doesn't work. don't waste your money.
Lisa · Review provided by walmart.com
Awesome Solar Fountain!
July 20, 2021
It is still running during sunny days as well as cloudy days. I'm definitely putting it on my gift list to all my friends Thanks Coutlet
Yetta · Review provided by walmart.com
June 27, 2021
It's alot smaller than I thought it would be. Good for small plastic pond nothing bigger.
Kindra · Review provided by walmart.com
No Sun No Work
July 07, 2021
It worked fine but it should state in the text for the product somewhere that it only works in direct sunlight and doesn't work as a char...
Melvin · Review provided by walmart.com
May 10, 2021
Super small. Barely pumps any water and the solar doesnt work if its remotely cloudy.
Bona · Review provided by walmart.com