357 reviews
May 02, 2021
Last summer 2020 - I laid about 1,500 sq ft of new Sod in early June and it looked awesome - new sod requires a lot of watering, but abou...
Burkie · Review provided by Blain's Farm & Fleet
Great Treatment for my yard.
April 26, 2023
DiseaseEx is easy to use. I had a problem with powdery mildew in my yard. Five weeks ago I spread DiseaseEx at the treatment rate and the...
Hoagie · Review provided by walmart.com
Great product for lawn fungus, not insect's.
August 05, 2021
This is a great lawn fungus control of it's for gray leaf spot, brown patch, etc. It is not for lawn insect's, like grubs, cinch bugs, et...
John · Review provided by walmart.com
Saved my backyard!
April 19, 2023
I had about 1/3 of my backyard die off (St. Augustine) a couple of years ago. I applied Disease EX and then followed the instructions. Ev...
jeffkp · Review provided by scotts.com
Rust Grass be gone
October 31, 2019
A few weeks ago we noticed that our new grass was turning yellow. I thought it was just going dormant for the fall; so I did not really t...
Kristin · Review provided by lowes.com
September 03, 2020
I had a bad case of rust in the lawn which was really affecting its growth. Reviews and Scott's web site indicated this product would kno...
Thomas · Review provided by walmart.com
Works great within a week lawn is already better.
April 17, 2022
Follow the directions on the bag. Use it 2 times a year and it eliminated several brown spots caused by fungus and rot. Also used with gr...
Kaniesology · Review provided by scotts.com
Scotts DiseaseEX Lawn Fungicide
April 25, 2019
I experienced a severe outbreak of Brown Patch fungus in my Fescue lawn last year. After applying Scotts DiseaseEx at the curative rate, ...
Gene · Review provided by lowes.com
Summer Patch Lawn Fungus
August 08, 2022
I applied DiseaseEx as recommended several weeks ago. It seems to have stopped the summer lawn fungus. I also applied Scott's Summertime ...
ValB · Review provided by scotts.com
Excellent fungus preventative
May 15, 2019
Living in South Florida our lawns take on a lot of stress in the spring, the humidity is at all-time high and with afternoon showers; bro...
Jules · Review provided by scotts.com
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