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Clumps and Not Very Effective
June 16, 2022
Big clumps that could not be broken up, almost like stones formed from the material and only marginally effective on my lawn. Will plan t...
JoeE · Review provided by lowes.com
Does NOT cover 5,000 square feet
June 04, 2020
I bought Scotts DiseaseEX to treat the fungus in my fescue grass. I applied the product at the curative rate by setting my Scotts broadca...
· Review provided by scotts.com
Not Happy With Results
July 25, 2020
I have used a great lawn service for years. During July I always get a disease that I have patches of brown in my lawn. My lawn service i...
drummer · Review provided by scotts.com
No watering instructions
September 18, 2018
I applied DiseaseEx on my St Augustine yesterday. There were no instructions regarding watering, so I did not water. Today, I went on lin...
JanetC · Review provided by scotts.com
Not sure if helpful
November 16, 2020
I applied the granulates with my Scott spreader during light rain. Followed by much heavier rain several hours latter. I did not notice a...
MRJack · Review provided by lowes.com
Not specific
October 23, 2021
I bought and used last week. I have a 25 sq ft area of St Augustine and a whirl hand powdered spreader. There are no instructions for tha...
Cyaml · Review provided by scotts.com
Not as good as it indicated on package.
September 28, 2022
My yard looks the same, it did not help. My husband treated our front yard where the issue is and it still looks the same.
Rita D · Review provided by scotts.com
Mushrooms are a fungus
May 22, 2022
I put Disease Ex down and 5 days later, mushrooms (which are a fungus) appeared in my yard. Is there a guarantee on this product?
Phil · Review provided by lowes.com
No cure for brown spot
November 20, 2019
In the Pacific Northwest our lawns develop brown spot and red thread during the wet fall season. I bought this because of reviews but eve...
Mags · Review provided by lowes.com
Not impressed
August 12, 2019
I was very hopeful for the Disease Ex to fix spots in my lawn but it doesnt seem to have had any effect on it. I also think the price was...
gin75jer · Review provided by ebay.com
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