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Surprisingly Good Monitor for Certain Use Cases
December 20, 2021
This monitor turned out to be far better than I expected. Colors are rich and vibrant, contrast is excellent - more on that later - and t...
Michael · Review provided by Best Buy
Just less than ideal. But very, very serviceable.
September 08, 2021
(-1/2 star) It's a 75mm mount, but there's a recess above the mounting area that prevents using a 100mm adapter (by a mere 2mm, which is ...
JediRed · Review provided by Best Buy
Great value 4K IPS monitor, with some tradeoffs.
December 07, 2020
I bought one of these to replace a TN panel 1440p monitor that I've been using for a little over 3 years. This hands down beats that moni...
Bogafan · Review provided by Best Buy
Beautiful picture, but with design flaws
January 17, 2022
Bought this on sale to use as a second monitor for my MacBook. 4K is crisp and pretty and for the sale price, I felt it was a great buy. ...
Meghan · Review provided by Best Buy
Good 4k display for home offic
July 20, 2022
I got this monitor at the beginning of covid and it has been part of my home office since then. 4k on a 28 inch means there is lots of r...
ClubSamsung007 · Review provided by samsung.com
If you have a Mac, read this (one flaw)
December 28, 2020
Before I get into the problem with this display, I have to first say it’s the best monitor I’ve ever owned. 4K looks incredible on 28”. I...
JMWL · Review provided by Best Buy
Simple but gorgeous display. 4/5!
December 02, 2020
I just bought this display and i've only been using it for a day but given how much of my waking hours are spent in front of a computer s...
KirkDouglasSD · Review provided by Best Buy
Solid monitor. Good picture. Awkward mounting
August 02, 2021
Most of the TVs in our house are Samsung. We own Samsung phones. Basically, Samsung has taken over our lives. This monitor has a crisp pi...
pejackson · Review provided by Best Buy
Not quite perfect but does the job
November 26, 2021
I wanted to upgrade from a laptop monitor to a standalone that had 4k for streaming options. I've enjoyed using it for both work and view...
hamzeus · Review provided by Best Buy
Great 4K monitor if you Buy DisplayPort cable too
September 24, 2021
This monitor is excellent for the price. I originally bought one to replace my main monitor (I have 3) thinking that would be the one I d...
cqde · Review provided by Best Buy
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