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One of the worst phones I've ever had
May 12, 2022
Being a huge Google fan, I was thoroughly disappointed with the Pixel 5a5g. The phone is slow and full of glitches and bugs, no matter h...
Igal Rosenberg · Review provided by Google
Would be a great phone if not for chronic screen reliability issues
February 02, 2022
I really like the battery life on this phone - that's the best feature. It's a little annoying to have to use Google photos instead of a ...
Sandra Yu Stahl · Review provided by Google
Really want to love it, but it's too darn fragile
April 11, 2022
I want so badly to love this phone. It has an incredible camera, decent processor, and is affordable .....the first time you buy one. I h...
Carly Eggett · Review provided by Google
Too hot to handle anything
July 10, 2022
Do not get this phone. I've always been too lazy to write reviews online for products and services i purchased, but for this phone I'll m...
Arnout Ruiter · Review provided by Google
Niot that great.
July 26, 2022
I thought I would try this to see what 5G did for me. I own a couple iphone SE 2020s and use a provider that contracts with the Verizon n...
busseja · Review provided by ebay.com
Gimme back phones from 5 years ago.
January 03, 2022
I'll start out by saying that the only thing I like about this phone is the camera, it's pretty good. Everything else, in my opinion is w...
Mark Seidel · Review provided by Google
Want to like it but it has not been a good experience
June 11, 2022
Happy with the performance of the phone. BUT, bluetooth began to fail intermittently after a few months. Contacted Google and, after mu...
Carl Carlson · Review provided by Google
May 02, 2022
Wanted to live this phone, as I have had many pixel phones. The touch screen has major issues at the worst times. To answer phone calls...
Denise Benjes · Review provided by Google
Fantastic hardware brought down by Android 12
December 20, 2021
I really like the hardware specs on this phone, very competitive for its price range. My only complaint is I wish I had not updated to an...
Barry · Review provided by store.google.com
October 02, 2021
Biggest complaint - It gets hot very easily. I saw posts about it getting hot while recording high quality video, but just talking on the...
Staci · Review provided by store.google.com
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