Not As Smart of a TV As Expected (See Why)
January 06, 2023
If you only want to use this TV for viewing, it is pretty good for color and clarity. However, if you really want a smart TV for simple t...
LindaCT · Review provided by
Jury is still out on this TV
September 29, 2022
I haven't decided to keep this TV yet and I am not sure how to get any support. The software is sluggish and clunky, takes forever, and d...
JDoray · Review provided by LG
Don’t buy
November 30, 2022
Tv has pretty bad light bleed through. Trying watching anything dark it’s difficult to see what’s happening. Anything bright is fine. Ser...
BeauD · Review provided by
Picture quality is not very good
December 12, 2022
Since I bought this TV the color has always seemed off. As time has went on it has gotten worse, so I called LG which after a lengthy tim...
lbhuthins · Review provided by LG
Way Too Complex To Use
February 22, 2022
As seems typical these days, accessing/controlling inputs and what should be simple features requires multiple button pushes rather than ...
Elderly retired engineer · Review provided by LG
Less than Mediocre
December 17, 2021
I bought this TV the 86 inch nano75 and had it for about 2 weeks. Initially I was impressed with the TV the colors can be nice watching c...
Jeff · Review provided by
Blurry Picture
February 24, 2022
the perfect size. the remote is great, it has a kind of a IR pointer feature thats lets you breeze through those on screen keyboards with...
Steve · Review provided by
A Nightmare!
October 10, 2022
If I were to know so many shortcomings I couldn't have bought it.1. I don't want to buy Google TV, but on recommending it to us, the sale...
Shane · Review provided by
Poor Quality Picture
January 07, 2023
I bought this a few months ago for my vacation home. I used it for two weeks in October, 2022. I did not use it again until December, 202...
BAKVA · Review provided by LG
Very disappointed in the backlight system.
March 14, 2022
I bought this for Christmas for a replacement for my main TV. The TV is OK in options and functions except for the backlight system. Duri...
Florida Harry · Review provided by LG
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