Plug Tech is Legit
July 28, 2022
This review is pretty long, but just read the whole thing and it will be the last time you have to debate whether or not this is a good p...
Sabrina P. · Review provided by
June 16, 2022
This mint iPhone XR is a great phone at a great price. Keeping up with technology can be daunting these days. I choose to stay with state...
Doctor A. · Review provided by
April 24, 2022
So here’s my opinion - I can’t stand the whole “Apple” vs “Android” battle with people. To each his own. What works for you is best for y...
lauren.m · Review provided by
Excellent quality iPhone for a killer price!
October 29, 2022
I was on the market for a budget refurbished or pre-owned iPhone. Preferably a iPhone XR or later. Thanks to store credit, I was able to ...
Alteredgamer1056 · Review provided by
Perfect Other Than No Pressure Sensitivity
August 19, 2021
It’s a great phone! I was expecting a used refurbished phone but this phone came brand new, still with the plastic wrapping on the box an...
· Review provided by
Honest, and Shocking Consumer Review!
April 06, 2021
I received my package one day earlier than the expected date which is pretty nice, the FedEx box came with another box holding the Iphone...
Soph :) · Review provided by
Product Review
June 23, 2022
For a USED DEVICE that I purchased in excellent condition, the product is pretty pristine. Although there are scratches, they are pretty ...
Arthur M. · Review provided by
Just Perfect! Budget friendly and very satisfied
September 09, 2022
My teenage son wanted an iPhone for his 17th birthday with a big screen. I'm an android fan so of course I had to do countless reviews an...
Michelle · Review provided by
Don't be like the 1 star people
September 15, 2022
Great phone for the price. I live in rural area and straight talk works fine. Least expensive service I've found. I pay $34 for service 1...
seth · Review provided by
long in-depth review of iphone xr
August 26, 2022
bought the phone for my little sister's birthday the next following week. delivery said it was supposed to come two days before her birth...
Niyaaah · Review provided by Target
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