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Great portable device for all my device!
November 02, 2022
I own many Anker products, but this is one of my top favorite. It is my new go to power bank when I am out or traveling. The quality of t...
Sammmmmm · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Excellent customer service experience
June 05, 2021
I have purchased Anker products before, mostly USB charging stations and some USB cables. No drama. They worked really well, sturdy, well...
· Review provided by anker.com
A very solid middle ground
June 18, 2021
The Powerhouse 100 isn't like the other Powerhouse models, which have absurdly huge capacities and can support devices with large wattage...
Christian W. · Review provided by anker.com
A great powerbank!
September 28, 2022
This unit works well to keep my small devices charged and for running small electric devices around the house such as a lamp,small fan,sm...
Galen · Review provided by anker.com
Great power bank for 1 week of light use
March 13, 2023
Bought this for a week long fishing trip. Nothing super heavy, just to charge my phone and a small penlight at night, as outlets are scar...
· Review provided by batterymart.com
November 20, 2020
I use this charger mostly to charge a MacBook. Due to the age of the MacBook most of the chargers are incompatible. Since the charger has...
· Review provided by anker.com
Not for the faint of heart. It's big
October 26, 2020
Seriously, this thing is like 3 small tablets stacked together. It's big. I was expecting a bigger sized due to the inverter, but wow. Bu...
· Review provided by anker.com
Big in power and size
June 06, 2021
This battery is insane – in a great way. Being able to charge my MacBook Pro alongside my AirPods off the same battery is so satisfying.....
Adam K. · Review provided by anker.com
March 13, 2023
This product is amazing I work in the Cellphone business and man this thing saves the day, weather it’s my customers phone not charged or...
· Review provided by batterymart.com
Appropriately Titled
October 11, 2022
PowerHouse is right—this bad boy houses enough power to charge my laptop back to full. And that’s while the laptop is also powering a por...
Wilson B. · Review provided by anker.com
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