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MUST HAVE Food for Sensitive Tummies
May 06, 2022
I will be frank with my review. My pit mix has had stomach sensitivities since I got him, and he is a year and a half old now. Mushy stoo...
Wheaty · Review provided by Chewy.com
Will be buying again. Dog with soft stools.
February 09, 2022
When we got our pit/lab mix puppy he was having some diarrhea/soft stool problems. We assumed it was a puppy thing and that he would grow...
Chels01 · Review provided by petco.com
October 13, 2021
First off let me say I have a doodle with the most sensitive stomach ever. We spent the first year of her life trying to find a food that...
Chassity · Review provided by Chewy.com
awesome food
October 21, 2021
Awesome food! My 6 yr old boxer having issues w diarrhea for almost two months now. Blue Buffalo was her staple, but something not agreei...
Bojangles10as · Review provided by Chewy.com
My Pomeranian 1 years old LOVED IT can’t stop eating it!
October 15, 2021
I have bought the one for puppies from the same brand. Lilly has been with me 8 months and her appetite was never huge. I was worried she...
Lilly · Review provided by Chewy.com
Small Bites size, NO CORN, WHEAT OR SOY
July 09, 2022
It took some time for Petco to get this specific product and it could only be ordered, which took a week. The problem with this was I had...
BrooksC · Review provided by petco.com
Helped very sick dog
December 01, 2021
Our Tatra Mountain Dog ate something sharp. He was sick and fragile for a long time while he healed internally. When he was well enough f...
Tantah · Review provided by Chewy.com
So far so good
January 13, 2021
My dog who is 11 months old is currently transitioning to Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken dry food from Diamond Natur...
BrunosDad · Review provided by Chewy.com
No more vomiting!
February 10, 2021
My almost four year old poodle mix is incredibly picky and rejects almost every dry food on the planet. I finally found one by a competit...
CatMom · Review provided by Chewy.com
July 24, 2022
The perfect digestion salmon has amazing results on our year old golden. I have tried three other brands for digestive health and her sto...
· Review provided by hillspet.com
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