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Tablet only. No keyboard
May 24, 2021
I am happy with the TABLET. It needs to be clearer that this is just for the tablet. Most of the photos show the item with the keyboard. ...
Geoffrey · Review provided by walmart.com
April 08, 2021
Totally unusable after three years. Thought it would last longer. Was really good for a while, but really went downhill about a year or t...
Olga Andreyeva · Review provided by Google
still prefer Mac's
February 14, 2018
This computer was the first foray out of Mac's for me and it will be my last. The touch screen doesn't work very well and the touch pad i...
frankfortabbie · Review provided by QVC
Incomplete description
March 11, 2020
This was purchased for my daughter. She picked it out primarily because it's a tablet WITH a keyboard. No where in the description does i...
Kathryn · Review provided by walmart.com
August 14, 2021
Great for a college student! Super portable and convenient, no weird software downloads to set up, I love it! The only downside is that t...
margot.d · Review provided by influenster.com
September 10, 2020
I bought this product when I started college because of the storage and portability. After a while of use it starts to slow down like it ...
kali.w · Review provided by influenster.com
Gary's review of Microsoft Surface Pro - 256 GB (i7-7660U)
January 16, 2018
Pros: The programmes and usability are big nice features with this product. Cons: You have to buy both the keyboard and the pen separatel...
Gary · Review provided by Currys
Tarinder's review of MICROSOFT Surface Pro - 128 GB
August 07, 2017
Pros: Not much to say Cons: Really slow pc even when surfing on internet not sure if it's a touchscreen problem but when scrolling any we...
Tarinder · Review provided by Currys
Alma's review of MICROSOFT Surface Pro - 128 GB
August 09, 2017
Pros: Removable keyboard. Difficult to say more as it has hardly been used. Cons: Not so far. Ask again I'm about a month.
Alma · Review provided by Currys
Not a fan
November 15, 2020
It’s not an iPad. It’s not a laptop. It is better to have 2 devices.
Kim Lapenski · Review provided by Google
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