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Pilot MF SF Black Trim - I wish I had gotten it before...
May 08, 2022
Once you write with this pen, it makes you sad thinking how, for such long, you have missed out on an inexplicably pleasurable writing ex...
Shuvodip B. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Favorite Pen?
December 25, 2022
Having previously owned a plastic Falcon, I knew that the nib style is really in tandem with my writing style. The weight of the metal in...
Brian · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Great soft-flex pen
February 26, 2023
This is my first soft-flex nib as well as my first gold nib. This pens writes beautifully on good paper. It does give a little bit of fee...
Warren · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Quickly became my favorite pen to write with
April 28, 2022
If you're looking for a flex pen, look elsewhere. This will leave you disappointed if you try to scratch that itch with a Pilot Falcon. B...
Evan D. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Pilot Metal Falcon SEF
March 18, 2022
I haven't had much experience in flexible fountain pens. I'm normally use dip pens for drawing and I do enjoy sketching in pens but dip p...
Juan · Review provided by gouletpens.com
My Forever Daily Writer
August 16, 2018
I had my eye on this pen for a while. Shortly before my birthday, I visited a brick and mortar store, tried one out, and decided to treat...
· Review provided by gouletpens.com
My Desert Island Pen
February 04, 2018
This was my first higher priced pen purchase and it was a winner! I have other pens that flex more but this one just seems to be the best...
WendyK · Review provided by gouletpens.com
My favorite pen
June 04, 2019
I first became interested in fountain pens when I watched a video of a person writing beautiful script using a Pilot Falcon Fine Soft nib...
Barclay · Review provided by gouletpens.com
March 04, 2022
I have seen over the years since my whole family began using fountain pens that this one is a favorite of many. So, for Valentines Day I ...
· Review provided by gouletpens.com
Red Devil or Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen (Red)
February 12, 2020
The pen came as described and was shipped very quickly. I received the pen within two days of ordering. I filled the pen with De Artemis ...
Gareth P. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
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