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Great pen but with minuses, too
July 26, 2020
It's a great pen and the nib is pretty much all that it promised to be. While both "soft" and "extra fine" for a fountain pen are quite a...
Rene D. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Break It In.
December 21, 2021
This is my first flex-nib pen. I haven’t tried the Noodler’s pens, so I can’t really speak to the value. It does feel like it’s on the pr...
Brian L. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Exactly What I was looking for in a lightweight package
October 08, 2020
While looking at other people's journal post online there was always one element of other people's journals that made me extremely jealou...
Raymond J. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
A bit of a let-down.
February 09, 2021
The Pilot Falcon SF (soft, fine) nib is not so springy as I'd imagined. Out-of-the-box, it wrote more dry than has been my experience wit...
Ned L. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
The Pen that made me sell my other pens
August 31, 2020
I bought the Falcon a bit on impulse, once I got the notification that the price was going up. I'd decided a while back that the Falcon w...
Taylor · Review provided by gouletpens.com
A review amendment . . .
February 12, 2021
The Pilot Falcon (SF) is a better pen than I am penman, apparently. While my initial experience as recounted below is factual, it fails t...
Ned L. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Pilot Falcon SF - First experience (artist).
February 19, 2021
So far I've tried this pen with both Noodler's Black Ink and Platinum Carbon Ink on Midori MD paper, and my experience is that the pen fl...
Kristoffer F. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Everything you've heard, believe...
April 17, 2018
I've had my Falcon for a few weeks or so now and have written many letters in many different inks. I am a writer with large hands and the...
Cuda · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Nice pen, not too flexible
October 02, 2018
The Pilotc Falcon in SF with rhodium finish is a very attractive pen with a unique shirt clip, I think it is quite sophosticated in appea...
William L. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Solid "next level" pen
November 22, 2019
First, a confession: Although I've been a Goulet customer in the past, when I found a Pilot Custom 823 for just over $200 from another ve...
Lisa F. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
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