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Awesome monitor
May 12, 2023
When I first turned this monitor on, and plugged in the provided display cable into my computer, I instantly had to go to the options, wh...
KadenC · Review provided by samsung.com
Excellent for the Xbox Series
August 02, 2022
I use the G5 monitor for my Series X. Even though I bought the Q70T, I also bought this monitor for traveling. It's size makes it way eas...
BotHunter · Review provided by samsung.com
Fantastic picture, size, and curve
June 27, 2021
For my particular use case (Story based RPG/Adventure type games, Youtube videos, standard web browsing, music production, and occasional...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
I can't believe I waited this long to move to an ultra widescreen monitor! And a beautiful one at that.
June 26, 2022
Gorgeous image! I can't believe I waited this long to move to an ultra widescreen monitor! I agree in part with the other reviewer. The s...
djmojo21 · Review provided by ebay.com
Pretty Great Monitor
October 09, 2022
Been using this as my main monitor for about 3 weeks now. Setup was super easy, but I plan on mounting it to my desk and get rid of the s...
heurex · Review provided by samsung.com
Great monitor!
July 19, 2021
I purchased this monitor to replace a 60hz 2k ViewSonic model that was honestly hurting my eyes due to low refresh rate and low brightnes...
David N. · Review provided by newegg.com
Great Display
March 29, 2023
I've had this for four or so months now and am very happy with its performance for the price. I would definitely recommend getting an adj...
scotte2718 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great product at an excellent price
May 14, 2022
I went in to micro center with a budget of around 400 for a 2nd monitor as I already had a 27' 1440p monitor by another brand. I was plan...
Justin H · Review provided by microcenter.com
Amazing 2k Performance
March 31, 2023
Not perfect but very very solid. I dont need to game at 4k 240Hz. This is a very sharp and clear 2k 165Hz monitor. I have it paired to an...
GamerRob · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Amazing! Would buy again.
February 24, 2021
I originally purchased an Acer Nitro 34” 3440x1440 from another retailer. The panel on that monitor died in a day and no one had a replac...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
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