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March 31, 2022
My Lordy. I swear Apple is getting less and less careless about there products and more money hungry. I originally had the XR but sadly l...
Cheyenne Bisson · Review provided by Google
Disappointing Misleading Purchase
November 23, 2022
I purchased a cell phone which from the description it stated that the phone was new. Lo and behold when received it was a Used phone. Th...
Liza · Review provided by walmart.com
Totally screwed over by Apple
July 27, 2021
At first I was pleased with iPhone 12, But then only 20 days later my wide-angle camera stopped working. It seems this issue confused the...
PJ Veltri · Review provided by Google
Biggest mistake..
November 12, 2022
I cannot express enough how much I HATE this iPhone!!!! Switched from a Samsung galaxy S10 to this, and am incredibly confused as to how ...
Alexis · Review provided by Google
Bad volume/speaker.No replacement option
August 18, 2022
New phone and volume is super low with volume turned all the way up ! Tried resetting phone and same results . The ringer/speaker super l...
Frank · Review provided by walmart.com
Poor quality phone and service, cost is very high
June 26, 2022
I purchased a replacement iPhone 13 and what I received was a poor quality phone that could not perform normal functions!! I spent hours ...
Javiles007 · Review provided by vzw.com
Apple makes another terrible product
July 28, 2021
Yet another cash grab garbage product from apple. Focusing on all the wrong features apple makes you buy all the overpriced accessories t...
Mattheas DG · Review provided by Google
iphone have become the Macs of the 1990s
November 04, 2022
pent $900 on a new phone then had to buy a charger for it. Paid $60 for an Apple case that fell apart in 3 months. The phone started ma...
Christoph Marquette · Review provided by Google
Absurd security measures make phone unusable
October 08, 2021
Security measures have made my phone blatantly impossible to use efficiently. In order to do a basic content transfer from my old phone, ...
Erik Draeger · Review provided by Google
Updated Review: iPhone 12 is a Samsung punchline
December 19, 2020
Update: When I initially wrote this review I gave the iPhone 12 5 stars. Then 3 stars because of BT issues. Two days later I must revise ...
Karmel Graham · Review provided by Google
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