26 reviews
Jury is still out
January 21, 2016
I started using this product because I have started planting small evergreen's, of which I have come to love. I'm not completely sure wha...
RayC · Review provided by scotts.com
Satisfied customer
May 03, 2020
Hello I needed a scrub for my face and this product seems to be working just fine. Thank you
Valerie · Review provided by walmart.com
Love the extended realeas
January 09, 2016
Use it every year in the spring to get things started. Love it
deb2000 · Review provided by scotts.com
Plant food
May 18, 2022
Just what I needed
anonymous · Review provided by Ace Hardware
Grow, Grow
November 21, 2015
This stuff greens up all shrubs!
BAPP · Review provided by walmart.com
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