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Hape Easel
December 05, 2020
Great product. Was a gift for grand daughter. Only reason I gave it a 4 was daughter called and asked "where are the paints, paper, and b...
BBB Customer · Review provided by buybuybaby.com
Great easel
May 13, 2018
My DS loves this easel. Fantastic that the height is adjustable. Would be better again though if the screws holding the frame we’re set a...
Daniela · Review provided by https://www.mightyape.co.nz
July 04, 2018
Happy with product. Easy to assemble. Not much paper in the roll. Also would've been excellent if we had included just a few accessories ...
Deborah · Review provided by catch.com.au
March 02, 2016
Well made, bright colors.. The only negative - it has only 1 or 2 meters paper roll (included at a time of purchase) and it's almost impo...
Olesya · Review provided by catch.com.au
August 15, 2017
Good quality. Good height - adjustable. Wasn't too hard to assemble. Little bit of paper came with it but not much.
Roseanne · Review provided by catch.com.au
Cute easel!
November 20, 2020
I bought this easel a few months ago for my 1 year old. It’s small but the perfect size for her right now!
Bird · Review provided by buybuybaby.com
HaPe Easel
December 08, 2020
Excellent product yet did not include or provide a source to purchase paper, paints, paintbrushes
CarolynK · Review provided by buybuybaby.com
September 25, 2018
Great product, the blackboard is great for writing.
Pras · Review provided by walmart.com
October 04, 2021
· Review provided by natureetdecouvertes.com
June 08, 2016
Trevor · Review provided by catch.com.au
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