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A nice looking and functional Thunderbolt 3 Dock
March 23, 2021
The Good: A small thunderbolt 3 dock by Anker. The concept of a small dock seems to be mostly avoided but has been tackled by Anker in a ...
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Perfect solution for my needs.
May 27, 2021
I have a specific setup with a single Thunderbolt 3 cable to my MacBook Pro and everything else to this Anker Docking Station: Thunderbol...
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Capable, well engineered dock. But beware the low power
June 07, 2021
I use this dock for three different laptops: A MacBook Air with M1 chip, Dell XPS 15 with Ubuntu 20.04 and Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows ...
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Rock Solid
June 13, 2021
Three Docks I've Tried: 1. LandingZone Docking Station for 15 inch MBP (Used for 2 years worked fine except 2nd monitor might not connect...
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A really good thunderbolt (and USB C) dock.
May 13, 2021
I decided to get a thunderbolt/USB C dock because all our computers have one or both ports and we have a lot of cables. Specifically, the...
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Works but has Coil Wine from power supply
September 06, 2021
The unit works as described. It will support dual 4k monitors at 60hz, you may have to play with a few of the settings to get there as by...
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There are few 'tech' products that actually make life easier...
June 09, 2021
So, I gave up the desktop life a few years back, and have carried a laptop back and forth from work, to home, to hotels, to remote locati...
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Powerful, small, hot, expensive - but totally worth it.
November 01, 2020
I was on the fence about buying this for a long time, as it's expensive and the only real advantage you get is needing only one Thunderbo...
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Stable for Linux and it does NOT use Displaylink
April 18, 2021
I’m a Linux laptop user and use a dock to connect to two big monitors (via HDMI cords). Most importantly, this docking station does NOT u...
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One of the best options for Thunderbolt 3 docks out there
July 02, 2020
I've considered buying a full Thunderbolt 3 dock for quite some time now, however they have all had something that has convinced me to no...
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