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Expensive garbage all the way around
September 28, 2022
Ok. I was mad when I made the other review, because this thing just made me lose an hour worth of work, because it was so slow. This shou...
Anchevauls Walker · Review provided by Google
Very poor customer service and laptop little better!
February 15, 2022
So, Dell got back to my rating below suggesting I use compressed air to clear the fan (who has compressed air), to replace my BIOS and to...
Oneman · Review provided by dell.com
Steer clear
April 06, 2022
Unfortunately this is easily the most troublesome and poorly designed laptops I've ever used. I bought it cheap, but brand new from Best ...
Zack R · Review provided by Google
8 hours lost that I'll never get back! 4 hours after my computer Initial Setup Routine gave me a frozen screen. Tried to used the Technical Support s/w utility! NOT USER FRIENDLY! Same with printer setup 4hrs lost.
August 20, 2022
Frozen setup screen. it took 2 hours for Tech Support to analyze and solve the problem! He needed additional computer owner credentials a...
Anonymous · Review provided by dell.com
Not as I expected it to be
January 21, 2023
I bought this laptop two years back. In just a span of a month, it started lagging. Whenever I do some multiple functions, it doesn't go ...
Khwahish Daudani · Review provided by Google
Cannot remove need for BitLocker recovery key on startup
April 06, 2022
On starting the computer it opens with the "Dell SupportAssist / On-board Diagnostics" page for the "Inspiron 3501". This contains an "Al...
David · Review provided by dell.com
Laptop overheats
August 17, 2022
The laptop overheats. Fans sometimes run loudly even if I'm not doing anything taxing. I'm not using the laptop for gaming, just email an...
Nadine · Review provided by dell.com
design problem with the right speaker opening joint
July 13, 2022
I thought I got a faulty and re-ordered for a second laptop(replacement), but the design itself is faulty and the speaker opening to righ...
AJ · Review provided by dell.com
several unexpected issues. Overall lousy experience
December 05, 2022
Bought Inspiron 15 3525.When using it the first day I received several error messages: 1. message:'recycle bin is corrupted.' 2. message:...
randy · Review provided by dell.com
Extremely poor performance, DO NOT BUY
February 01, 2021
The spec sheet for this product tells a very different tale from the actual user experience. A current Intel i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and...
K. Taylor · Review provided by dell.com
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