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Don't Buy!
October 15, 2021
I was so happy to get this filter for my new pond. My pond is about 280 gallons, mid range for this filter. I have had it going for two m...
NOPE · Review provided by Chewy.com
Great products and customer support
July 28, 2021
We have a small 200 gallon plus gold fish pond which is an old syrup kettle which we've had numerous issues with keeping it clean and a h...
Babyray · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Second Year, going strong
April 28, 2020
I don't know if this is just me, but I had to weight down the pump and I put a couple of small rocks, in the filter box. Otherwise the fi...
PPorro · Review provided by fleetfarm.com
Tetra is the trusted brand to buy
April 09, 2021
So far, it’s doing great! Cleared up the water but I did have to empty the 300gallon pond due to oak pollen. Will update in a week if the...
HappyBrindleDogOwner · Review provided by Chewy.com
Tetra Pond
June 30, 2021
I received this beginning of May to replace previous one. The previous one had pump start working & plastic tubing that goes from pump to...
Dreamcatcher · Review provided by Chewy.com
Exactly what i needed
May 24, 2020
Works perfect right out of the box. I did change the filer out with a finer one to allow for better filtration. I am running a weir with ...
Ileddog · Review provided by tetra-fish.com
Trickles like an 80 year old man...
July 01, 2020
This thing for as industrial as it appears barely pushes the water an inch or two out of the fixture. It does not work with the bell fixt...
Jpants77 · Review provided by Chewy.com
Works well
July 11, 2021
Used this is a small water garden (about 80 gallons) and it immediately cleared up the water and has kept it clear. The fountain would no...
Bob · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Misleading and disappointing
May 31, 2019
The 100 gal set does NOT come with the flatbox filter. It comes with a pre-filter, which is not the same thing, at all. Chewy needs to se...
Lauriegia · Review provided by Chewy.com
Great product!
May 16, 2021
I love the big filter- on my previous pump I had no way to connect a larger filter and I had to clean it out every day to keep it going. ...
Janice · Review provided by thepondguy.com
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