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Whole Foods Please!
June 16, 2022
Some salted nuts, avocado and a bananna...and greens are yummy! These whole foods = LMNT. WITHOUT their single package waste for our plan...
Josie A. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
July 28, 2022
1. Your website description says that this product is tasty. It has Stevia Leaf extract in it. That makes it NOT tasty. 2. Stevia Leaf ex...
ANN C. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
Flavored Table Salt
March 03, 2023
If you bother to peek behind the slick marketing and read the nutrition label, you'll notice that for each $1.50 packet, what you're gett...
Scott K. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
Scary side effects and makes me feel like garbage!
February 06, 2023
I do really frequent High Intensity Interval Training workouts and was recommended this product by an acquaintance who liked it. I start...
Lyndsey Ostlie · Review provided by Google
I read an article in
August 22, 2022
I read an article in First for Women magazine that suggested your product. I assumed it included glycine, which the article suggested, an...
Phyllis V. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
January 12, 2023
Unless you have too much money, this product is too expensive. I make my own bulk Electro mix using the individual ingredients, it is by ...
· Review provided by drinklmnt.com
Unfortunately dissatisfied
October 21, 2022
I made a purchase hoping to enjoy the product but I ended up asking for a refund because I just didn't like the taste, no matter the flav...
Patrick M. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
Salty Watermelon
November 14, 2022
My fault for not reading the nutrition label prior to purchase. I tried it, tastes like a salty watermelon (not terrible). I was just loo...
Jordan M. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
This prduct uses maltodextrin and doesn't disclose!
December 22, 2022
LMNT uses maltodextrin but it is NOT listed on their website as an allergen! They are deceiving their customers. If you ask, they will ad...
Sammy · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
Can't Deal With The Sweetener
September 09, 2022
I'm sure LMNT is good but the sweetener just destroys my gut. I was feeling so sick, I almost had to cancel my vacation...then I remember...
Alexandra A. · Review provided by drinklmnt.com
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