44 reviews
The little hole at the bottom of the base is filling up and causing the fountain to list on it side.
July 14, 2020
Love this fountain when it stays upright but it has been tossed about by high winds and has caused the small hole at the bottom to fill w...
Mari M. · Review provided by intheswim.com
Hose will not last. Poor design.
November 23, 2020
Cheap plastic hose only lasted 5 months before splitting. Hose is the downfall to this product. This is the second replacement. Purchasin...
Engineer22 · Review provided by walmart.com
Awful cheap plastic, save your $$
April 26, 2020
After reading the positive reviews I was excited to receive the fountain and enjoy backyard zen. However, it’s a cheesy plastic tray that...
Caroline L. · Review provided by intheswim.com
June 28, 2020
Returning. We hooked ours into the auxiliary pump return but unfortunately it moves too much and ends up too close to the edge so it spra...
Koreen · Review provided by walmart.com
Does not work
September 14, 2020
It comes with multiple adaptors but none of them fit my pool. The water pressure needed to operate the fountain would require shutting al...
Tim S. · Review provided by intheswim.com
can't believe that you sent
June 11, 2020
can't believe that you sent me a whole box of parts which is beyond my ability to instal. all I need is a three tiers foundation head. No...
Su W. · Review provided by intheswim.com
own short while ,fountain hose
July 14, 2020
own short while ,fountain hose has defect? need hose replace. Need to find proof of purchase- Nora Wong
Nora W. · Review provided by intheswim.com
Don’t bother
July 04, 2020
Difficult to use. Hose bends too much. Parts don’t fit right. Junk.
George E. · Review provided by intheswim.com
Not easy to install
June 28, 2020
It did not work for our pool. We would have had to take out our light for it to work. Not worth the trouble.
Michelle B. · Review provided by intheswim.com
Doesn’t fit all pools
July 27, 2020
Not happy hard to fit and description makes it seem likes fits all pools and does not
Joseph D. · Review provided by intheswim.com
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