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Rolling Dragon
December 12, 2021
My nephew got excited after he saw this, and opened it immediately! He know and used to play Bakugan before, but he was amazed with this ...
C9ryna · Review provided by spinmaster.com
My kids love it!
December 19, 2021
My son is obsessed with his new Bakugan. It keeps him entertained for hours. He enjoys playing with it on his own or with others who have...
Lindsay · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Durable and cute!
December 06, 2021
I'm extremely impressed with how durable these Bakugan toys are, was fun seeing my sons playing with them is very interesting. New Bakuga...
Cutie · Review provided by spinmaster.com
One Awesome Toy!
January 03, 2022
Got lucky and found this Bakugan early in a Target store. Picks up cores very well. Super nice quality especially with it’s metal part. I...
Jordy · Review provided by spinmaster.com
My boys loved it!
December 21, 2021
My boys recently became interested in playing Bakugan Brawlers at both school and daycare. Being selected to be a first to play with this...
AHGmum · Review provided by spinmaster.com
It's sooooo cool!
November 25, 2022
This is my first bakugon. It looks like a giant monster that wants to smash the Earth! (Review by 7-year old). Mom: he's been playing wit...
BakuLove · Review provided by spinmaster.com
The grandkids love them
December 11, 2022
They’re the perfect gift because the kids love them and they’re inexpensive. They also come out with new ones periodically which is great...
SE · Review provided by Target
New favourite toy!
December 07, 2021
Out of all the toys she received, this is by far her favourite right now. She brings it everywhere with her. Even other members of the fa...
PSurfskater · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Great toy enjoyed by all
December 08, 2021
My son loved this new bakugan, the colours were great, he enjoyed the 3 dragon heads and was easy enough for him to be able to figure out...
Sbrit13 · Review provided by spinmaster.com
It was a hit!
December 07, 2021
My son is 6 and was so excited to play with this toy! He loved the list of other characters included so he could see which ones he was mi...
Kmac2 · Review provided by spinmaster.com
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