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Screen is glitchy with less than 6 months of use
October 21, 2022
Have had it less than 6 months with about 1 hour of use a day or less and the screen is glitchy and doesn’t show a clear picture. So disa...
Lynette · Review provided by Target
Horrible product
February 08, 2023
the table screen stopped working after 6 months , I contacted the insurance and after 2 attempts to having the table repaird, they "cant"...
Sally · Review provided by Target
Piece of crap
March 12, 2022
Cannot set up child’s Home Screen without all advertised junk. Just what I want my 4 year old to see! On phone with tech support, no help...
Impossible · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Screen quit working after 4 months
October 03, 2022
After a few short months of using this, the screen no longer works. My son was so disappointed:(
MN · Review provided by Target
Brand New Tablet Will Not Turn On
December 25, 2021
Got this for my son for Christmas and the stupid tablet will not even turn on. Mind you this is fresh out the box! I’m returning right away!
Kelly B · Review provided by Target
Waste of money.
September 20, 2021
Don’t waste your money. Way overpaid for these. And the speakers already blown on one and the other one won’t hold a charge.
Krystal · Review provided by Target
Screen went out.
May 08, 2022
This product didn’t even last year and the screen already went on it. It worked perfectly fine until now.
Mother of 2 · Review provided by Target
August 25, 2022
Amazon kids not working in UAE disappointed
Fatima A · Review provided by sharafdg.com
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