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November 11, 2022
We gave these to clients when we wanted to thank them for being patient when we might be running behind or something of that nature. Now ...
Upset Manager · Review provided by samsclub.com
Starbucks giftcard
October 08, 2022
Very disappointed. This was not activated. Had to call number on back of card Was told you have to go inside Starbucks to get activated. ...
Carol · Review provided by samsclub.com
Why do they continue to sell these cards?
August 18, 2022
Sam's is aware of the cards not being activated, so why do they continue to sell them? This is bad business. I had to report the issue to...
Brian · Review provided by samsclub.com
Not activated
November 17, 2022
I bought 5 sets of different gift cards. All are activated except this set, Starbucks. Now I have to get it back from the people I gave t...
Greg1224 · Review provided by samsclub.com
Cards were never inactive!
March 03, 2023
I bought these as a gift and when the person went to use them, they were found to be inactive. How embarrassing for them to get declined ...
Amy · Review provided by walmart.com
August 22, 2021
Well I had a triple raspberry mocah in mind. Only thing is they had no raspberry. Are you kidding me? Thats like going a pancake house th...
sharon hutchison · Review provided by Google
Cards not active....
December 04, 2022
If I hadn't been bored and read all of the reviews I wouldn't have thought to check these cards for funds. Wow-none and I demanded a refu...
myfiona · Review provided by samsclub.com
October 21, 2022
I bought these and gave them as gifts. There were not activated so the people went to use them and were told there were no good. Very emb...
LD · Review provided by samsclub.com
Cards were not activated
October 25, 2022
DO NOT buy these!! I bought two sets ($60 total) and the cards came with no money on them. I spent 3 hours on the phone with sam’s club, ...
JC74 · Review provided by samsclub.com
Cards NOT activated... should have read review
November 15, 2022
Gave these cards out to customers and was informed that they are not activated. Apparently this is a very common issue with these cards. ...
Deb · Review provided by samsclub.com
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