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Clear Printed labels
December 24, 2021
My company really like these blank labels. The final printed labels were clear and bright, making it easy to read from close up or from a...
JeffR · Review provided by avery.com
Great on any product that might get wet
December 14, 2021
These are great! They're not thick at all, they feel like regular labels. Very flexible to fit any surface, even over small bumps in the ...
tcpokim · Review provided by avery.com
Wonderful Labels
March 09, 2022
Where I work we use a lot of chemicals everyday. We wanted to get everything in order and Label everything also. I got some Avery ultra d...
· Review provided by avery.com
Great product
December 05, 2021
I really enjoyed trying out the Avery chemical labels. The label quality was really good. I really like how it smoothly applied onto the ...
Maleo · Review provided by avery.com
Super great
December 06, 2021
The ink did not mess up after getting carrier oil and essential oils on the labels. They wiped clean with no issues. The labels are easy ...
mineandyours3 · Review provided by avery.com
Didn’t clog my printer
December 08, 2021
I’ve been using these for a while now to label spray bottles of different chemicals and cleaner’s in my garage. The templates on the Aver...
plumberdude43 · Review provided by avery.com
Great quality labels!
January 25, 2022
These labels are of great quality and glue is excellent in holding the label for longer duration. printing was easy on these worked in or...
Itsmeym · Review provided by avery.com
Works Great
December 07, 2021
Wow, these chemical labels work great. I put them in my laser jet printer and they printed with no smudges and dried instantly. I work in...
Titans Fan · Review provided by avery.com
December 04, 2021
These Avery UltraDuty chemical labels work pretty well. Easy to print with a laser printer. They work well on the big 55 gallon drums. So...
marebear70 · Review provided by avery.com
Life saver
December 31, 2021
Ordering customized labels is really a nightmare especially for my region. It always takes forever to get them and I love the quickness a...
Coreyloo · Review provided by avery.com
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