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This stuff works!
June 04, 2021
I followed the instructions and sprayed 1/3 of my pond the first day at 10am. I went back at 2pm to release some bluegill into the pond, ...
PondGuyChris · Review provided by tractorsupply.com
May 01, 2021
We had used copper sulfate to control filamentous algae in our 3 retention ponds with reasonable results but lots of work. We sprayed the...
· Review provided by Rural King
Cutrine-Plus Algaecide Pond Treatment, 1 gal.
May 26, 2022
This product works great in my 1.3 acre pond. Easy to apply (just wear gloves!) from our john boat along the edges of the pond where we s...
· Review provided by tractorsupply.com
May 01, 2021
We have used Cutrine Plus to treat pond algae for 2 years, and it does a good job. Rural King's price is considerably lower than local re...
· Review provided by Rural King
Filamentous algae
July 10, 2022
Great substitute for copper sulfate that you can spray directly to the algae. Use early on when detected. Do not spray over entire pond o...
waynmclai_0 · Review provided by ebay.com
excellent algaecide!
July 15, 2015
I had red algae that took over my quarry where we swim and fish, in 1994. It looked like somebody dumped chemicals in the spring water. I...
george1111 · Review provided by tractorsupply.com
May 01, 2021
I used the product at medium setting even though it was early in the year. Sprayed it in the pond with an ag sprayer from a jonboat. Work...
· Review provided by Rural King
May 01, 2021
This products offers good results on filamentous and blue-green algae when used according to the label. Best results are achieved when ap...
· Review provided by Rural King
Great product
July 19, 2022
I followed the directions and this was effective in destroying the large and growing patches of algae in my pond. The turtles, frogs, and...
Wish2Fish · Review provided by tractorsupply.com
April 18, 2019
Was shipped promptly. Am using it to supplement chlorination in an inground swimming pool. It keeps the algae under control during the ex...
· Review provided by Rural King
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