44 reviews
Terrible Toy
February 26, 2022
This toy seemed like a fun Christmas gift for my daughter. The dog worked okay for a week and then a leg busted so the dog couldn't stay ...
Topjak · Review provided by Target
Damaged item
March 04, 2022
When I received the item, the package was open and the dog already had batteries in it. Probably I received an item someone had previousl...
Aswini · Review provided by Target
Defective Toy!
February 23, 2022
We just received this toy, put batteries in it yesterday. It is SO defective! Makes loud clicking noise, gets stuck in different modes, t...
tm82 · Review provided by Target
Touch sensors dont work. Dissapointing
December 28, 2021
None of the touch sensors work on the Moji we received and we cannot do an exchange because there are no more in stock so we are stuck wi...
LE · Review provided by Target
Christmas present didnt work
December 26, 2021
Santa delivered this today but we tried 3 different sets of C batteries and it didn’t work. My daughter was really sad. We’re sending it ...
CC · Review provided by Target
Poorly designed battery compartment
December 25, 2021
One screw was impossible to turn regardless of various screwdrivers tried and then finally broke off. Very poorly designed battery compar...
JoyInPA · Review provided by Target
Not that impressed
December 31, 2021
For a $100 toy, you would think that the manufacturer would include batteries. The puppy's tag isn't working, the screen is going black. ...
Moe · Review provided by Target
March 24, 2022
I would give this no stars if I could. Santa brought it and it broke right away. When it did work my daughter was frustrated because it w...
Brenbren · Review provided by Target
Dont recommend
May 15, 2022
It was great for about 3 days, shame it them acted very odd, tail making a weird clicking sound. Cannot believe how poor a performance wi...
VN · Review provided by Target
June 12, 2022
My 3 year old loved it for 2 hours when it stopped working and buzzed and did an odd bark none stop. Was mixed reviews anyway but she’s o...
Coco · Review provided by aldi.co.uk
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