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It works. For how long? Shipped in bag?
January 24, 2022
iPad Pro 256 GB was shipped in a plastic bag with a thin layer of bubble wrap which did not protect the Apple box. The box was dented on ...
EJStone · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Good Product with some limitations and frustrations
April 22, 2021
I am pleased with my purchase but a little frustrated with some of the limitations I have come to realise exist. The iPad Pro, for all it...
JDEvolutionist · Review provided by johnlewis.com
Unexpected things
June 17, 2021
I got this iPad Pro because I dropped and broke my last one and I had to revert to a even older iPad which only had 16GB. Needless to say...
Debbie9999 · Review provided by samsclub.com
Awesome just worried
January 29, 2021
The apple ipad pro was my first real apple device since owning an iphone 4 back when they were new. IOS has come along way to say the lea...
Sophia · Review provided by staples.com
Great Tablet
June 17, 2022
Coming from the 2021 Samsung S7+ which is a good tablet , the iPad is awesome. My main concern was apps being optimized. The apps are flu...
Cmonson80 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Newer is mostly better
November 24, 2022
Nice screen. Fast. No more ?not enough memory? problems. I vastly prefer the home button and fingerprint sensor rather than this newer in...
DAVID · Review provided by adorama.com
Sidecar is a train wreck
October 04, 2020
The thing that got me interested in this iPad Pro was the ability to use Sidecar with my MacBook Pro. With the Apple Pencil I thought it ...
Robert · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Expensive but very fast with excellent screen
May 22, 2020
This new iPad is very expensive, but having recently benefitted from a cash windfall I decided to get the most up to date version. I am n...
Cycliog · Review provided by johnlewis.com
faster iPad and with nice screen
December 16, 2021
I did notice the speed bump from my iPad Air 2, but it is not WOW super fast. Although it larger from the 9.7 inch iPad Air, it is not TH...
Samster · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Ipads are all starting to borrow into each other
July 08, 2022
Great performance and display . Innovation is not really the focus on this model and and Battery life is somewhat disappointing. Lydar is...
Kelsey · Review provided by Target
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