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Buyer beware
July 21, 2021
The pool was relatively easy to assemble. the depth of the pool is perfect for our family because we have lots of kids the size of it is ...
jose · Review provided by walmart.com
August 26, 2021
The pump is undersized. I owned the 16ft version of this 18ft pool. My 16ft pool came with a better pump and sand filter. Also all the fr...
Travis · Review provided by discovermystore.com
forearms itch
May 23, 2022
beautiful pool and reasonably priced. however, i just don't recommend buying. we bought this model last year. while the pool itself is ni...
brooke · Review provided by walmart.com
great pool... shifty pump
June 06, 2021
After a long search to find a pool we settled on this one. Size is great and the depth is nice. It took me and two of my kids less than a...
Kristina · Review provided by walmart.com
Do not recommend- inadequate pump for size of pool
July 15, 2021
I have the version of this pool that has the windows. It looks beautiful and is a great size. But very soon after getting it, it got so m...
Jessica · Review provided by walmart.com
I wouldn't pay this for a pool without a skimmer.
June 07, 2021
This pool is easy to set up for sure. But let me say unless you are going to add a skimmer and a sand pump onto it. Pass it up. You will ...
angel · Review provided by walmart.com
It could have been made better with simple thought
August 09, 2022
The ladder on this pool is too narrow, the trim along the top way too dark it gets burning hot and the pool had a slow leak in the bottom...
Cheryl · Review provided by walmart.com
pump is junk
June 20, 2022
Pump is junk! bought brand new from store, took it home, set up was super easy! took 2 days to fill, then pump would not work! Called and...
sonya · Review provided by walmart.com
May 17, 2022
This pool is okay, seems like they just took a Coleman’s box and put another pool brand with little to no instructions, plus we can’t vac...
Lon · Review provided by walmart.com
July 08, 2021
Purchase this pool from DiscoverMyStore only to watch the price drop over 50% from what I paid for it ?!?!Overall the pool is holding up ...
Big b. · Review provided by discovermystore.com
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