It’s a great case. I
May 15, 2023
It’s a great case. I feel its over engineered as it is too heavy for daily use for most people. Rather have the apple keyboard case inste...
Chua S. · Review provided by
Incompatible with apple pencil, returns a nightmare
December 26, 2021
I waited for months to get my hands on this case, only to have it be incompatible with the apple pencil. The case is too thick, so the pe...
Clara S. · Review provided by
very disappointed with design
April 12, 2022
I'm using flip cover to watch videos and movies but flip cover which support whole I pad weight is not strong enough. and mine one is com...
parthkumar p. · Review provided by
Difficult to work with
January 01, 2022
The case offers sturdy protection to the iPad, but it suffers from one very major issue: the edges are elevated to offer protection but e...
Rahul R. · Review provided by
Still have not recieved my product
December 12, 2022
I am a US citizen and placed my order for this iPad pro case on Nov 6, 2022. It is Dec 12 and the product STILL hasn't come! I have tried...
Alexandra C. · Review provided by
Turns Ipad pro To A Brick in One Easy Move
March 25, 2021
Heavy Armour plating at its most unhelpfulness. I have a number of Mous products with which I am happy but not this weighty and thick cas...
Richard P. · Review provided by
iPad Case needs a lot of work!
January 18, 2022
For 99.00 you might as well take 100.00 and set on fire. Very poor functional design. It may protect the iPad but that is about it. Does ...
Donald R. · Review provided by
Why Bother?
December 14, 2022
I've officially been waiting on the case I ordered for one month. I've also been waiting for the replacement for 12 days. Both seem to ha...
Eric B. · Review provided by
Poor Fit
January 07, 2022
Doesn’t properly fit. Ports don’t line up well in the cutouts. Lid doesn’t close evenly across the entire screen. Also this case adds too...
Brian C. · Review provided by
Dirty Screen
December 28, 2022
The gap between the cover and the display allows for dust and other stuff to get stuck on the inside of the cover. When the case is close...
Sourav S. · Review provided by
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