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Cheap tablet appalling performance
April 01, 2022
I thought I had balanced my expectations of this device, but was left seriously disappointed. OK so this is a budget device and I got it ...
pkr1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Looks fancy; isnt
July 24, 2022
Let me preface by saying I NEVER give product reviews. I got sucked into the hype of a shiny new toy at a low price, and was quickly disa...
Alanac · Review provided by samsung.com
Great inexpensive tablet for the price
November 26, 2021
I just want to say that most of the battery views are true but I think the tablet is well worth the money and functions great. I think th...
Isaac · Review provided by samsung.com
They used to make these better
December 08, 2022
This tablet is good enough for my uses right now but comparing it to my old samsung tablet is just depressing. That old one was super sna...
RyuL · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Full review of frustration
November 04, 2021
The Samsung A7 Lite is a very good tablet for the price point however it has some annoying flaws. I purchased mainly to read via Kindle a...
MrsA · Review provided by bestbuy.com
I wish Samsung would show small tablets love
June 14, 2022
Don't get me wrong I love the Galaxy tab 7 plus and Galaxy Tab seven ultra as much as the next person but it would be nice to have a tabl...
Matt · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Technically good but worst user interface
January 13, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is technically good. But the user interfaces are worst. When you swipe the screen to enter the PIN, the screen rema...
Raghavendra · Review provided by walmart.com
Looks good on paper however has horrible response
August 29, 2021
As the title suggests, this tablet is very slow. This tablet was bought to predominately surf the web. Response times on browsing any web...
· Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
Not For Business Users
April 28, 2022
Too Many Apps were loaded on this tablet, taking up so much space, that I cannot really utilize it for work documents the way I intended....
ChocolateTrophy · Review provided by dell.com
"low" end
July 13, 2021
Had to return it. Astonishing that Samsung would put their name on a tablet like this in the year 2021. Is this the same company that put...
rrrrr · Review provided by bestbuy.com
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