17 reviews
Brilliant Wind Chimes
October 20, 2020
I love these beautiful chimes! They are so melodic and every time I hear them, it sounds like a song. Excellent quality and service too. ...
greeves1536 · Review provided by ebay.com
December 03, 2020
I received the package quickly and am so excited for Christmas when my son gets to open this! I’m sure it will be a huge hit and as soon ...
Jeannie F. · Review provided by chimes.com
Baseball Mom
December 07, 2017
I am giving this to my son for Christmas.As a little boy his PaPaw wanted me to reach him this son.Nick was 2 and he learned it.Every Sun...
BETTY H. · Review provided by signals.com
Birthday & Housewarming Gift
January 26, 2021
I bought this for my oldest son who just turned 27 and bought his first new house. He loves it!
Dusty M. · Review provided by chimes.com
May 20, 2019
These chimes are perfect! I bought them for my daughter who is a Cubs fan and she was ecstatic. Anyone who loves baseball will love these...
Sue · Review provided by chimes.com
Take me out to the ball game
January 03, 2020
Gave these ad s gift to my sister. She is a baseball freak. Didn't believe me when I said it played that song. She hung them up and was a...
Elizabeth · Review provided by chimes.com
Baseball fan.
August 12, 2021
Beautiful sound. Can really hear the melody.
Dori G. · Review provided by chimes.com
Wonderful addition to the front
January 03, 2022
Wonderful addition to the front porch!
Betsy L. · Review provided by chimes.com
Awesome chimes
October 18, 2020
Brilliant sound from these elegant chimes!!!
palramanathan · Review provided by ebay.com
June 29, 2019
It is well made and sounds fabulous. It is perfect for our baseball family!
Lori · Review provided by chimes.com
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