Beautiful but frustrating G7 Neo 43”
April 07, 2023
The good: an incredible picture quality with settings that create perfect images for movies, games, and productivity. The frustrating: t...
Rich1980 · Review provided by
Audio defect problem. Still worth the sale
June 13, 2022
Price of Purchase: $169.99 ($80 off) Worth the purchase?: Yes Main Message to Share: Make sure everything about the monitor is working p...
MisterLanson · Review provided by
Really enjoy it, but it has some minor flaws.
December 05, 2021
This monitor is great. I absolutely love the high refresh rate and would recommend this as a cheap way to get a quality monitor. However,...
Kieran · Review provided by
Good Monitor
July 10, 2022
these are good monitors and i like the different display features that it has for gaming. one thing i wish i could do is update the firmw...
James · Review provided by
Good, but not great
October 14, 2022
Good monitor overall for sure. Would recommend as a second monitor, or as a back up. Colors are nice and vibrant, however the monitor is ...
TreT · Review provided by
Nice tech in a monitor, but got some issues.
April 14, 2018
It's a cool monitor for a pretty high price. Yes, it's a fast gaming monitor, so be sure you have a good hardware (GTX 1080 is not enough...
Laitig · Review provided by
Great price for what it's worth, corners were cut.
May 20, 2019
While this monitor is a great monitor, producing great quality colors for professional use and speed for gaming, you need to be ABSOLUTEL...
Leeeeeeeeee · Review provided by
Great Gaming Monitor
December 03, 2021
I love this monitor because I use it as my primary gaming monitor. I do have a secondary but I usually always turn it off so I can immers...
BuckyWei · Review provided by
Good Value for 240hz
January 22, 2020
Monitor works great at 240 fps. Very clear, and only a little ghosting but not too noticeable in game. On games that dip at about 100fps ...
Terry · Review provided by
Great for gaming
June 04, 2020
I bought this monitor nearly 3 years ago and until the 2 year mark, never had an issue. This monitor was NEVER turned off. Im disabled an...
Grumpum · Review provided by
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