Picture is fine, but I got the lines.
September 08, 2022
i bought two of these after a ton of research, and i knew there were some issues, so that's on me. as with everyone else, i got the drea...
Vin P · Review provided by samsung.com
worked well.... for 2 years
September 14, 2022
out of the box it worked fine. now two years later, i didn't turn on my computer for a week and when i came back i had horizontal lines a...
Ronald · Review provided by samsung.com
Horrible Monitor Ghosting
May 24, 2023
I received the monitor just a few days ago, and so far some aspects have been fine. The colors are nice and the refresh rate is good. How...
Jace · Review provided by samsung.com
Great monitor until it's not.
October 22, 2022
This monitor was great for about 2 years. The image was terrrific, the curved monitor makes for a great display in a compact space and th...
Cormace · Review provided by samsung.com
Monitor uses PWM, mixed performance
January 28, 2020
The monitor uses low frequency PWM(very fast on and off switching to mimic brightness regulation) instead of direct current voltage regul...
Meowingdog · Review provided by samsung.com
lines, artifacts, very bad after "waking up"
October 13, 2022
Same problem for me as most of the other complaints. After waking from from being asleep there are all sorts of lines and artifacts on sc...
Brian · Review provided by samsung.com
Good, but screen artifacts for a bit on start up
December 29, 2022
I bought this product and had a good impression for the first few months, but then it started showing visual artifacts of horizontal line...
Pengu · Review provided by samsung.com
Same horizontal lines
June 26, 2022
didn't realize this was such a widespread issue. horizontal lines happened to me about 2 years and 2-3 months after i got it, just out of...
Dave L · Review provided by samsung.com
September 05, 2021
Ok, I have owned this monitor for about a year and a half, and I will say that it was good, until a month ago when on the right side of t...
Breezy · Review provided by noelleeming.co.nz
This is listed as G-Sync Monitor - But Ghosting
June 04, 2020
Hi. I purchased this monitor specifically because it is listed as Gsync Compatible, and it is verfied by Nvidia as Gsync Compatible. Its ...
zeron2 · Review provided by samsung.com
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